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Saturday, November 17, 2007

EMM pictures are here!

Patriot and I had some professional photos taken while we were at the competition. They have arrived! Ohh, shiny!

In hand

All aboard

Patriot represents!

Today, Patriot was a proud representative for the mustang breed. My local farm store, Reber Ranch, held their annual "Breyerfest" today. Several children and young people came from all over to show their Breyer models in a model horse show. After the show, a parade of live horses from many different breeds had a chance to show off their stuff.

Pate did pretty good. It was the first ride since Fort Worth, as he has been getting some much needed time off and then he was laid up with the shoulder injury. He took it all in stride, except he was a bit worried about being alone in the arena. However, when the BIG draft horses pulling the even BIGGER wagon came trotting by, he was the only horse to stand still and even walk up to the rig! I was so proud. Horses with years of training bolted and pranced. He said, "Hey, let's follow them!" He then stood quietly for petting and attention, loving all the kids.

He seems to be as good as new. He trotted even and sound, with a full stride. I am glad he's better. He had me worried.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Extreme Mustang gets second chance

Of the 100 mustangs chosen for the 2007 event, only 82 made it to the show. The last 18 did not make it for a variety of reasons. A few made it back to the corrals in Nevada, but one made it to Burns, OR.

While I intended to participate in the new Mustang Heritage Foundation's Trainer Incentive Program, it was going to be difficult to obtain another mustang from Nevada. Last weekend, I attended the Kiger Adoption in Burns. Quite by accident, I found out that there was an EMM mustang waiting there to return to Palomino Valley. I wasted no time in asking if I could take him home to finish his training. I was granted permission and just like that, I have an incentive horse!

For those of you out there that wished they adopted an EMM horse or were bidding against me for Patriot, here's your chance! I get to train this new guy and I can sell him directly to you, no auction!

He's a very cute, dark brown gelding, about 14.3 hands, with a small star and white on his coronet band of the right rear leg. He's still wild, but was willing to try and join up and very sensible. He is lighter boned, forward thinking with lift in his shoulders and drive from behind.

I will gentle and start him the same way as Patriot with natural horsemanship techniques and classic dressage training.

If you are interested in this horse, please email me ASAP and we can chat.

Living Large and well

Patriot is finally moving sound. He takes a few off steps here and there, but I think we are out of the woods. It looks like maybe the kick only caused a bad bruise and nothing more. Needless to say, Patriot is rather fond of his weekly massages and chiropratic treatments! :)

I am going to give Patriot a few more weeks off from riding, but he will still get to go out on the trails as a ponied horse. He likes to get out and about, so he's happy.