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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

In the news!

A very nice reporter from the online publication, The Inside Poop, came out to interview me a few weeks ago. She wrote up a very nice article. Feel free to take a gander..


Introducing Nomads Rest Ranch & Mustang Training Center!!

Well, I guess it's about time I told you all about my new business. I have officially opened the doors to my training business, Nomads Rest Ranch and Mustang Training Center.


The mustang makeover brought me so much publicity that I have people knocking down my door to train horses. Go figure. So, I relented. :)

My focus is going to be gentling wild mustangs for dressage and trail careers. I will take in the occasional young (not wild) horse to be started under saddle. I will also go down to the corrals with you to pick out your new mustang and then gentle and train him for you.

I can only take in a couple horses at a time, as I don't have the time or room for more than a few. Plus, I am going to be choosy about which horses I take in as I need to stay focused on my goals for the mustangs.

If you would like to get a rate sheet or get on the wait list, please email me at jthomas@nomadsrestranch.com

I have several mustangs and horses ready to go that I have already started. I will highlight each of them in upcoming entries. If you know anyone looking for a nice mustang or young horse, please let me know.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The application is in...

..for the Western States Mustang Challenge. Cross your fingers! For those of you that expressed interest in the new horse, stay tuned!

Patriot is spending the weekend getting the kinks out for our upcoming Steve Rother Clinic and the Oregon Horse Center, Mountain Trail Clinic. We will be traveling to these events during the next two weekends. I will also take my incentive horse, Ronan, along to participate in the events.

I am excited to get going again with Pate. I spent the evening watching the DVD's of my Mustang Makeover Competition. While I was not excited to relive my now famous ride, we actually did not do too bad, in comparison. I did not watch many of the other trainers rides that day. Tonight, I watched them all. At least I had a great big smile on my face the whole time, even though Pate was bouncing all over the arena. For only 17 total rides before the event, he was wasn't half bad.

Having done this once before, I now know what I need to concentrate on for the next event. If I am chosen for the Western States Challenge, I will have a new plan to follow based upon last years event.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wetern States Mustang Challenge - June 6-8, 2008

It's been a while since I have updated this blog. The holidays have come and gone and its a new year. My incentive horse is coming along beautifully and has a new adoptive home (more on that in an upcoming entry). Patriot is doing well and has had the winter off. He is turned out to pasture with other horses his age, fully recovered from the lesson of the dominant mare. It is too cute to see him playing stallion games with the other geldings in the pasture. Little does he know, but his loafing days are almost over. I have him signed up for that trail clinic he missed last fall due to that kick. February will be a busy month for my fuzzy pasture ornament.

What I wanted to talk about today is the Western States Mustang Challenge - June 6-8, 2008 - being held in California. The entries are due for this event in a week and I am considering participation. I am torn as I would like to do the big event in Texas, as well, however, California is SOO much closer.

However, my biggest dilemma is actually a problem I want your help in solving. Since I do not want nor need to keep the horse I get for this event (and you KNOW I will), I wanted to see if anyone out there is interested in adopting this horse and line up to be the high bidder BEFORE I head to California? I would really like to get to know the potential new owner of this horse, rather than hand him over to the highest unknown bidder. Would that be too much to ask?? :) Please spread the word. I am thinking I will only enter if I know that I have a prearranged home for the new guy. Can you help?