Equestrian Life


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Monty takes first in the in-hand competition!

You read it right! Monty was excellent and we scored at the top! Good boy Monty! My goal was to win the in-hand portion and we did it!

I have a video, but when I can figure out how to get it off the video camera, I'll post it.

Our conditioning score was not the best, about the middle of the pack. He's what you would call an easy keeper! BUT, our combined scores have put us in the top ten!

Saturday is the riding portion. Not sure how we will do, but I will let you know tomorrow night!

I need to sleep so more on the events of the Expo later.


It's here and I have arrived in Sacramento. Work forced me to make the trip in a 14 hour straight shot. Both Monty and I were exhausted, but we made it! We have one day to settle in, ride and get ready. I'm not forcing poor unsuspecting souls to take pictures, so you will have to wait. Sorry!

Little brothers earn my respect..

MANY, many thanks to the boys in Tri-cities for their hard work! They raised $400.00 cleaning stalls so Monty and I could go to Sacramento. Way to go!!