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Friday, October 19, 2007

Mares! You gotta love 'em to own 'em

Patriot learned a hard lesson last weekend. Mares are to be left alone, with a 50' radius at all times. Don't even look at them, or they will give you what for. Sigh. Poor Pate. He thought he was going to survive it. After all, he still gets it into his head from time to time that he might still be a real boy. Wrong!

Pate received the business end of one of my mares hind legs to the shoulder and is now doctoring a pretty good bruise and possibly a cracked shoulder blade. It took only a second for him to sniff her as I was walking both of them to the trailer to go for a ride. She was not interested in that, at all!

To give her credit, she ponied him for several hours that day with nary a whimper nor a swish of her tail. He must have looked at her with that gleam in his eye when he tried to nibble her rump. She set him straight and was done with the lecture.

Normally, a blow like this would be hardly noticed, but she must have nailed him at precisely the right angle. He was fine for the first two days, with just a bruise, but now he's gimping pretty bad and is on pain med's. He is on strict bed rest with a little hand walking for awhile, which is JUST fine with him!

Unfortunately, what this means is that he does not get to go to the trail clinic this weekend, as planned. Not that I don't have 4 other riding horses I could take, it's just that I really wanted to take him! This clinic only happens once a year and I am bummed. Oh well. I'm still going, but I will miss my Pate.

Jeez, the most expensive horse I have too!!


Kathy M said...

Poor Pate!! Hes just a young guy and probably didn't know better!
LOL we turned Freedom out with Symphony and Chester on saturday night at the show grounds and they couldn't decide who was in charge!

She would back down from a kick out, but let him know Chester was hers and to stay away!

:sigh: gotta love those stud mares!

Chester tried to show Free that Symphony was his but Symphony wold scoot back in between and herd him away while showing Free her business end!

They settled into I run here and then you chase me away play, and seemed to be having fun with it.

Karen said...

Oh, Jamie - I'm so sorry - here's lots of prayers that Pate heals up just fine and dandy and has indeed learned his lesson! We have a new mustang mare here for training - one that her adopters have had since March, but have yet to ba able to touch. Fortunately, Ted has her haltered and standing for trims now in just 19 days! Gotta love a mustang, when they finally give over, it's completely!