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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Monty takes first in the in-hand competition!

You read it right! Monty was excellent and we scored at the top! Good boy Monty! My goal was to win the in-hand portion and we did it!

I have a video, but when I can figure out how to get it off the video camera, I'll post it.

Our conditioning score was not the best, about the middle of the pack. He's what you would call an easy keeper! BUT, our combined scores have put us in the top ten!

Saturday is the riding portion. Not sure how we will do, but I will let you know tomorrow night!

I need to sleep so more on the events of the Expo later.


Jessie said...

Congrats!! That's amazing! Well done :-D I am very happy for you! Good luck today, I'll be thinking of all of you!

Deanna said...

He looks like my Doc Bar Tivio working cow horse....good luck to you tonight and tomorrow!!
We'll be watching...from Alamo, CA

rufus said...

Hi Jamie!
Saw you and Monty during and after the competition Fri. a.m. and have thought of Monty ever since! I just fell in love with those eyes (to the soul?)! My husband & I came by to see you Fri pm but the stall was closed. Monty peaked out at me with one eye for the whole 5-10 mins we waited. We could not go on Sat. and would so have loved to watch you as well as bid! Look forward to hearing how you two did and what lucky people are his new family? Congratulations on your outstanding achievements!

Andrea said...

Congratulations! That is wonderful!

Original L said...

You're welcome, and thanks for the comment!

I'm not surprised he got first in-hand. :-D

Dixie said...

Ok Jamie,
Tell us what is going on with the new critters, can't wait to hear.

Chloe said...

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