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Saturday, January 26, 2008

The application is in...

..for the Western States Mustang Challenge. Cross your fingers! For those of you that expressed interest in the new horse, stay tuned!

Patriot is spending the weekend getting the kinks out for our upcoming Steve Rother Clinic and the Oregon Horse Center, Mountain Trail Clinic. We will be traveling to these events during the next two weekends. I will also take my incentive horse, Ronan, along to participate in the events.

I am excited to get going again with Pate. I spent the evening watching the DVD's of my Mustang Makeover Competition. While I was not excited to relive my now famous ride, we actually did not do too bad, in comparison. I did not watch many of the other trainers rides that day. Tonight, I watched them all. At least I had a great big smile on my face the whole time, even though Pate was bouncing all over the arena. For only 17 total rides before the event, he was wasn't half bad.

Having done this once before, I now know what I need to concentrate on for the next event. If I am chosen for the Western States Challenge, I will have a new plan to follow based upon last years event.

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