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Sunday, August 5, 2007

A beautiful, sunny day..

The lyrics to the country song by Craig Morgan, "It's what I love about Sundays", should include.. "spending time in the round pen, teaching mustangs how to behave". LOL

Another Sunday goes by and Pate is coming along great. We spent time on the ground with obstacles, time in the saddle with obstacles, riding out in the open, working on tricks, clipping up his scruffy hairs with electric clippers and another water/hose lesson. He's taking everything in stride (pun intended). He is beginning to realize that even though I am on his back, I still get to decide on the direction of travel. LOL He did try and run off with me once and head back towards the other horses. Oh, that was fun! He even threw in a buck, for good measure. Sure!! The first time I dont have a chaperone to watch me ride!!

I do not know quite what type of trail obstacles they are going to throw at us, so I am trying to be creative and drum up all manner of horse eating objects. So far, I have yet to really phase him. With me aboard, he is jumping small jumps, backing through poles, side passing up to the gate (we have not mastered opening it yet) and trotting over the tarp.

I feel I have good steering control and will now venture out onto the trails. I am hoping to find LOTS of water obstacles.

Oh, by the way, his trot is smooth as glass. By the way he paddles his front feet and his smooth gait, I believe he has some kind of gaited breed in him. He reminds me of a Peruvian or Paso Fino. To all you trail riding fans out there, this mustang's for you!

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