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Friday, August 3, 2007

Still moving along..

Another week gone by and the time left in this game is growing short.

Pate and I have been working on a number of fun liberty games and teaching a few tricks. I have been riding him daily and beginning to get some steering control. Man is he smart. He's picking up leg and rein cues really fast. He's one smart boy. His "pony" attitude really shines through, though, when I ask him to go somewhere that wasn't his idea!

He cracks me up! I cant seem to keep the reins, rope, stirrups, etc. out of his mouth! He is constantly grabbing and chewing on everything, even when we are riding! I might venture to say its a nervous behavior, but it's still really funny. His boy like oral fixation is really apparent.

Pate had his first serious bath, soap, scrubbing, show shine and everything. He stood quietly tied and took it like a man, even though he thinks being clean is for the grrls. Sorry Pate, you are really beginning to look like a show horse now and not like a wild beast.

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