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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Days 36 - 46..Sunny weather!!!!

Finally!! One day! One day of precious sun!! No rain and 80 degree weather for one glorious day!!

What did I do during that sunny day?? Anything to stay outside. I bathed horses, my dogs and my car. Did a bunch of barn chores and started organizing my garage. I also worked hard on gentling my wild stallion, Montana. I currently have three mustangs that I am gentling at the same time; Montego, Montana and Ronan.

It was a great day to let everyone out to enjoy a stretch and a spot of grass. I turned Patriot, Montego and Ronan out together. I was calling them the Brown Bunch. Left side Patriot, middle Montego, right side Ronan. All Nevada mustangs and all COMPLETELY different in stature and personality.

While Patriot took a nap...

...Ronan and Montego had a blast playing stallion games. This was the first time I have turned Montego out with other horses.

Then happily went back to eating...

In the round pen, I was working on finally getting my hands on my most wild child, Montana. He's a seven year old stallion gathered in August from the Beaty's Butte HMA. I can touch him everywhere except his legs and head, but will leave at the slightest provocation!! I swear the main problem is that he can't SEE ME through all that hair!!

Alas, the weather turned rainy the next day and it's threatening snow for this weekend. Drats!


Krista M said...

They are all beautiful horses Jamie...you are a very lucky lady! Montana is my favorite by far ;)

jtjedi said...

Thanks Krista!He is amazing.

Hope all is well with you!