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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Liberty begins

Today we worked on all the same things we did yesterday, but without a lead. In his bigger pen, we practiced sending, facing up and backing with only hand signals. He really enjoyed the game as he started to flip his head around and play with me. It made me laugh. He's comfortable enough with me to approach and stay as I pet his head, neck and withers.

Tomorrow, we move into the 60' round pen as I am confident that he will not try to leap the 6' high panels. All I needed was him to try that with a running start and get caught up on the fence!

He has finally settled in as he will now stay in the stall and eat as I approach or stand outside. Before today, he would leave rapidly and pace at the far end of the paddock. As Steve Rother says, "The gentle is starting to soak into his brain".

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