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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Time spent doing nothing, but well worth it!

It's Thursday. I have fed him, cleaned his stall, kissed to him, talked to him and let him nuzzle me. He's settled down and that is all that I expect right now. Trust. Trust is the key and I want him to take the lead. I have the weekend ahead to do nothing but play with the new pony.


caryn said...

Hey there. Just realized you started a blog. This is so exciting!!! I'm happy to hear your boy is settling in. It sounds like he is starting to trust you, that's HUGE!!! Great job :D

ex-racehorse said...

You are off to a VERY good start so far:)

KarenN said...

Jamie - what a nice looking mustang you got! We are also participating the makeover (my husband is the trainer, I'm just the hired labor :) ) I will look forward to your progress with him. If you want to see our boy and watch his progress, you can see him at


This is so exciting, isn't it??

Meant to post this here originally - not used to this format, yet, I guess :)

Pauline said...

Hi Jamie. Your dad forwarded the link to me, hope you don't mind. I think this is a great program. But I have one question – how are you going to give him up after you’ve lavished all your time, attention and a great deal of affection on him? Or are you planning to adopt him?

Cadista said...

You have a beautiful and spirited boy. While watching him (at your party) he was trying to eat the fence. Glad he's settling in. Everyone who knows you knows that grace rides squarely on your shoulders. You will do well! Just curious, while "whispering" to your friends, do you ever use music -- to soothe the savage beast -- or does it freak them?

VAMustangs said...

I am a Mustang owner/adopter/rescuer in VA. Someone sent me your blog link. I am thrilled to be able to read about your adventures. Congratulations! I'll be checking in regularly.