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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Starting to work together

Pate is coming along really nicely. We have spent the last few days working on scary obstacles, advanced leading skills and more liberty work.

He's sending over tarps, small jumps and through obstacles. I can pick up his feet. He comes to me when I approach and comes when he is called. I have started sacking him out with the tarp and saddle blankets to prepare for the saddle. Tomorrow I will start with trailer loading and the clippers.

He has really settled down and is accepting of me and his surroundings. Fewer noises scare him and he is getting the hang of being a domestic horse.

His face is healing nicely and he is feeling better everyday.

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mother said...

Hi Jamie.. Sounds like you have a smartie pants horsie..Hope you had a good trail ride and a fun 4th. coming up Love Mother