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Monday, July 23, 2007

I should live so well!

Whatcha doing?
Ooh Baby!
Hey Dale? Did I tell you he was wild?
It was time for Dr. Dale Pearson, the horse chiropractor, to pay a visit to see the ponies, so I put Pate on the list. Now that I am riding him, I thought it best to be sure he was in good shape, structurally. Many horses are "out" in their spine, hips and necks, which cause pain during training. I was hoping that when Pate banged his head, he didn't knock his atlas (the part of the spine holding the head to the neck) out of adjustment. He was locked up in that area and was having trouble stretching to the right. A little Dr. Dale magic and all is well.
Pate was a bit concerned about Dale at first, but soon learned that adjustments are 'da bomb". LOL

I was pretty proud of him, because Dale is the only other person to really handle Pate other than the farrier. Chiropractic can be a bit unnerving to some horses, but not to Pate. He really loved it. Dale said that my little wild man has better ground manners than most of his seasoned domestic horses and was extremely flexible. I guess that will come in handy for all the pole bending he might do someday. LOL

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pittman24 said...

Well I finally got to read through your blogs, now I see what takes all your time up. I not sure I would be pulling that horses tail standing directly behind him though. Well I suppose he's the Doc and I'm the bike dude. What do I know...grin.. I'll check in from time to time, keep up the good work.