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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Still lame..

Pate is getting better, but is still lame. I am spending time brushing and hand grazing him. We are also working in walking around the property (gimping is more like it), looking at stuff such as propane tanks, porches, hot tubs, picnic tables and a bubbling pond. He's having fun just hanging out and eating grass with no expectations put upon him. He and my old man, Jedi, get to graze out in front of the barn for several hours each day. Now, if I could only keep them away from my blueberry bushes! I finally have blueberries and I want to eat them! I'm not growing them for the horses! I have apple trees for that!

The vet and farrier will both be out this afternoon to check out his foot and reassess.


Cadista said...

There was a midnight mucker with a lame Pate. Do not tucker, its not too late. The weeks to the contest number more than eight. Soon sent to Fort Worth a mustang as freight. For the next event in this saga we cannot wait. She has many well wishers, aw-shucks-darn-shoot. There's a little prose and poesy for the girl with the cute horessy (and a little assonance to boot)!

Tracey said...

Good luck with the foot, Jamie.

Personally, I think that just hanging out is some of the best training for a lot of these horses. Helps build that bond and trust. Even people-shy Sunny enjoys time hanging out at the end of the lead rope :)