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Thursday, July 19, 2007

A little time away..

Over the weekend, the rescue that I work with held a 4 day camping trip outside of Bend, Oregon. Our rescue works to save as many horses from slaughter as we can. We have a little known industry in this country where 100,000+ horses a year are slaughtered for their meat for human consumption overseas. Many of them mustangs. Yes, human consumption! I have saved two such horses, one being Pate's best friend, Tai. My fellow rescuers brought their "saved from slaughter" horses, a couple who were mustangs, to join in fun and riding. While I had planned to take Pate for the experience, he waited patiently for me to return as Tai was exposed to many new things, including water! The pictures show Tai on his 5th ride under saddle. Tai continues to amaze me everyday. He is just three years old and has the best mind. Training him has simply been a dream. I have absolutely no idea why he ended up at a feedlot for slaughter.

I'm home now so it's back to the Pate show...

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Tracey said...

Just saw the 100 EMM horses posted on the BLM site...have you seen it yet? Pate is on page three.