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Thursday, July 5, 2007

The new name is causing a commotion!

ok, ok, I hear you. I have had several people contact me to either let me know that they do not like the name change or that there is another Mustang in the contest with that name.

I guess we will stick with Patriot! Now, can I go back to training him??? Jeez. -smile-

The fireworks scared Pate a lot. I spent several hours standing by his side, stroking and talking to him. He stood like a stone, getting his emotional safety from me. If I left him for even a second, he would pace restlessly. I was afraid he would hit his face again, so I stuck close by. It was really touching to know that he trusts me enough to get comfort from me when under stress. At one point, he fell asleep, even though cannon like explosions were going off all around him.

Luckily, he was the only horse in my barn that needed me last night. My three other Mustangs were just fine even though the display went on past 2 am!


Cadista said...

If name changes are going to be the order of the day, then I am changing my epic reference from Charlotte Bronte to a John Jakes Trilogy (you don't have any of that Fletcher Blood do you?).

A night sitting up late with the fidgety baby always does one good.

mother said...

Hi Jamie..Thought you had given up on your blooging.. What a nasty cut ..poor baby..no wonder he does not want to play,,he is hurting I am sure.. Had a nice time in Sfo. Crissy really has her hands full ,now that they are both waling..especially with Rowan..doesnot understand NO..Anyway glad everything going well with you all and the traing going well more later..Mother

Tracey said...

LOL on the name. Nope, you can't change it once you've got the public (in blog land) calling your boy Pate.

I just realized you're in WA...I'm up in B'ham. Did you come up for the Monroe adoption just to hang out and see what there was at all?