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Monday, September 24, 2007

Fort Worth - Thursday - We are here!

We finally pull into Fort Worth to begin our time here at the EMM Competition. I feel a strange mix of fear, nerves, excitement and panic. I am excited to be here and to have made it this far. I am nervous about what is about to happen. But mostly I am scared that I will lose Patriot on Sunday to a higher bidder. The marque outside the arena says it all!

We have to get unloaded, checked in, signed up for our scheduled practise times, and wash horses/tack. I introduce myself to as many of the trainers as I can. I am excited to finally meet some of the horses and trainers that I read about on all the blogs and web sites. They are so nice and welcoming, that I feel part of a great new group of people.

The place is huge and HOT! It's 109 degrees outside and we are sweating bullets as we unload the trailer and find our stalls. The stalls and warm up arena are all inside a building connected to the main arena. Luckily the main arena is air conditioned!

The main arena is huge. Several of the trainers are practising already. They have put trail obstacles out for us to practise on.

Horses and trainers are arriving by the boat load. The media is every where! RFD-TV, Newsweek, Western Horseman, and National Geographic!

I get settled in, tack up Pate and head for the main arena. Pate just walks in like he had done it many times before. He gives a little start when he sees a person standing on the rail above him, but then just settles into a nice gait and works well in his practise. I signed him up for his three practise sessions back to back, in order to give him enough time to settle in, warm up, work the obstacles and cool down.

I put Pate up for the night and head to the hotel, since I was sharing a ride, but I was wishing I could stay around to meet the other trainers and watch them work.

My parents arrive and come and get me for dinner. They give me their rental car and I drop them off at their hotel. I have trouble falling asleep and I am awake until 2 am.

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