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Monday, September 17, 2007

On the road again..

Vixen saying Good Bye!
Jamie, Kindle, Pate and Chance

Vixen loving on Chance at a rest stop

Well, Patriot and I, Vixen and Chance and Vixen's husband, Ryan are on the road to Texas! We left Washington on Saturday, travelled through Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming and are now in Colorado. It's been a long few days and Pate is acting nervous. I think he senses that his Mom is getting nervous. He's doing ok, but is not eating as well as I had hoped. I will have to learn to control my nerves, as Pate reads my emotions very well. I'm glad I decided to travel with him instead of shipping him and flying down.

He has bonded with Chance and now they are like glue. Well, actually, Pate is glued up to Chance, but Chance could care less about Pate! LOL Looking forward to splitting them up in Texas. NOT!

I can now recommend a couple of nice horse B&B's to visit if you are travelling from Washington to Texas. Let me know if you want their names.

We have tried to exercise the boys every night, but being cooped up in a trailer for three days tends to make two young bay mustangs very spunky! Yeehaw! We at least had a chance to take a nice relaxing trail ride today.

We have a few more days before we arrive in Ft. Worth on Thursday morning. We will be stopping in KS and Oklahoma City, before dropping down into Texas. I will post road pix and more updates as we get internet access.

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