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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Time is short..

Pate has had the last few days off, as I pack and prepare to leave for Texas on Saturday. I will be gone for 14 days. Preparing my business for my departure has taken a fair bit of time, as well as planning for farm care of my 8 other horses and 5 dogs.

First, I will travel to Oregon and hook up with another EMM trainer, Vixen Barney. We, along with her husband, will travel together, for 6 days, as we take our time. We have hopes to stop and ride along the way at a few of our country's parks.

I have to admit that when I was traveling home from the show on Sunday, I was crying. I am rather sad at the thought that I only have a few days left with this wonderful horse. I credit this rather emotional behavior to why I am NOT a professional trainer. I get too attached! LOL

I read the other day that Kitty Lauman is offering Ranger's potential adopter continued training until Ranger is more "finished". I wanted to throw that offer out there for Pate, as well. He can come home with me for more training, if desired. This is, of course, only if he does not come home as MY horse! LOL

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