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Friday, May 23, 2008

A day of pampering...

Another glorious sunny day, just in time to prepare for Ride the West. We took advantage and spent the day with more firsts. Monty let me relax with him in the sun. It's the first time he has stayed down in his stall with me.

Then, the morning started off with Monty's first trim. His feet were in great shape when he arrived. I wanted to wait to prevent him from becoming sore (like Patriot) on any rocky trails we would encounter. Melinda Irhazy of MiShoer Horseshoeing gave him a great barefoot trim. As expected, he stood like a champ.


Melinda, you have received many compliments on your work!

Next, Dale Pearson, our local (and best!) equine chiropractor, gave Monty an oil change and alignment. :) Monty was a bit nervous about Dale. Then, I realized that he was the first male person to work with Monty. Note to self! After a while, Monty settled and Dale was able to get to work.

Turns out, Monty had a pretty severe kink in his spine! It's a wonder he didn't boot me when I climbed aboard! He had been consistently stiff to the right. Dale set things straight again and Monty is doing much better bending to the right now. Whew! Dale will return next week for a recheck and alignment.

Finally, Monty received his first bath! Ok, water and Monty are not the best of friends, but he tolerated my soapy advances. I hope to practise a few more baths before Sacramento, as it's been far too cold to bathe. In fact, it's raining right now and my horses are still wearing their winter blankets!!! UGH!


martha n. said...

It is amazing to see what you are doing with Monte.
Martha N.

Tracey said...

You mean there's something Sandy has done before Monty? Wow...we've had two hoof trims now (and by a man, at that!)

Glad Monty's feeling better after his adjustment. But where is my video?

Krista M said...

Monty is a beautiful...glad to see you are getting some nice weather to be outdoors.