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Friday, May 23, 2008

A girl and her horse...

Monty's pretty much been sitting around sucking his thumb since I returned from Ride the West. He was fabulous, by the way, but more on that later.

First, I want to go back in time and tell you a little about a visitor Monty had.

Do you remember Kim and Tami from the Wild Horse Sanctuary? I met them while I was stuck in Redding, CA? Well, a few weeks ago, they stopped by to check in on Monty's progress. Tami brought her daughter, Staci (that's Staci with an "i", mind you!) :) Well, let me tell you, Monty is in LOVE with Staci! Not to mention that she is in love with him!

Of course, I suggested that she and her Mom buy Monty. :) She was game but Mom? Well, not so much. Not because Monty isn't the greatest horse on earth..kid talk you know. But because they flat out cannot afford him, fully expecting his asking price to be well into the thousands. Hey Staci, I'm in love with him, too, and I won't be able to afford him either. :( sniff...

It was a cold and stormy day that started out with a bit of sun but ended in rain, as you can plainly see from the video. Look at that! A video! Staci and Monty were practicing "Heel"!

Staci's Mom is a barefoot trimmer and was having a blast checking out Monty's "wild" feet. I had not yet had Monty trimmed, so she was able to see what wild feet look like. Tami complimented Monty on his manners. "He's better about his feet being done than most of my domestic clients!" I was very proud of my boy!

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Mikey said...

And THAT is how it should be done! In a big pen, horse at ease, lead on ground (or over neck).

That's how I prefer to do horses, if I can. Love to see it. Great pics :)