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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Day 11..day off

Today was a day of rest. Mainly because Monty has had a big four days and also because it's still raining!!

Looks like rain until Saturday, when we plan on a "real" trail ride, where we will practice getting out of first gear! Maybe some wide open spaces will help open up the throttle a bit. We will see!


Tracey said...

Oh, yes, the stick of encouragement! I forgot that when I commented on the last post. Darling needed that quite a bit with Quiet Storm, lol! People seem to have this idea that mustangs are going to be bolting off...but they're too dang lazy =) Hope the trail ride goes well.

jtjedi said...
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jtjedi said...

Hi tracey-

Yes, the stick and string, to be correct. With Steve "chasing" me! LOL


mother said...

hi jamie trying again