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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Day 2..new people

It really is a small world! While sitting in Starbucks using the Internet to update my blog, I happened to look up and catch the insignia of the "Wild Horse Sanctuary" on a gals sweatshirt.

Naturally, I asked about the shirt and their involvement with Mustangs. Turns out, her friend, Tami, the gal with her, happens to be a farrier who's sister works at the Wild Horses Sanctuary in Shingletown. (A few towns east from Redding) They had just spend the day at the Sanctuary feeding and volunteering. And the most amazing part, they live in Roy, WA, about an hour from me!

Of course we got to talking about Monty and they asked if they could meet him. Well, sure! We quickly packed up our laptops and headed out to the barn.

Monty got a chance to work with both Tami and Kim. They had a blast playing with a newly gentled mustang. This is Kim gently getting to know Monty. Sorry Tami, I didn't get pictures with you. :(
They are hoping to come out and see his progress over the next few months.

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