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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Day 7..First Day of the clinic

Uh, can you take this thing off my head!

I bet you are all wondering how the clinic went, aren't you! Sorry for the delay. We just returned yesterday!

On Day 7, Monty and I headed off to Brush Prairie, WA (about 3 hours south) to attend a Steve Rother clinic. You may remember from Patriot's story that Steve Rother is one of my all time favorite clinicians and his clinics are ideal starting grounds for young horses. In four days, the horse is introduced to so many things, that by the time they return, they are pretty much gentle and ready for anything.

Monty loaded like a champ that morning, walking straight out of the round pen and into the trailer without hesitation. Yay! We arrived to head straight into the arena to start the groundwork portion of the clinic. Monty led from the trailer into the indoor arena, a little slowly, but with good confidence. That morning we practiced our sending, backing, leading, squeezing along a wall, hip and shoulder control. He did great. He has become really light in the halter.

After lunch, after a bit of bending and giving, I worked Monty with a few scary items, such as a plastic bag, flag and tarp. After a VERY short while (much to my surprise), he was wearing the tarp like a rain coat and leading with it over his head! He is such a mellow guy!

I can stand ground tied with you under my belly!

By the end of the day, Monty was wearing his saddle. I actually, just saddled him up. Just like that, with hardly a snort. We sent him out to run with a few other horses in the arena and he didn't even bother to buck! That would take to much energy! Let's see how he reacts tomorrow!

Now, that's a flag!
Watcha doin back there?

I'm sorry that the pictures are blurry. I don't have the best camera for indoor pictures with low light.

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