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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Day 9 & 10..clinic days three and four

Days three and four are all about repetition, refinement and PLAY!

Monty was asked to do a little more than stand like a statue (his favorite). We worked on just moving around a bit at the walk and trot, negotiate around the other riders in the arena and some obstacles. He did great. But he is really all about "All whoa and no go!" LOL There has to be draft horse in there somewhere! With a little, ahem, encouragement, from behind, we were able to break into a nice two stride lope until he, um uh, trotted again. He's a trotter, for sure!!! I have yet to see him lope of his own accord. Even loose in the arena! Too funny!
The best part was going on a mini trail excursion outside during ride number two. The clinic had to exit the indoor early on Day 3, so we headed outside for a stroll around the grounds. That was cool!

A few more things Monty was exposed to was being bridled, tied, wormed and clipped. He's also looking more like a show horse, as I clipped his muzzle, bridle path and ears. I told you it was horsie boot camp!

By the end of day four, we were negotiating a gate, opening and closing it with just a small bit of a struggle. I'm so proud of the big guy. He really tries hard. I think we have cemented a trust that will help us in the future.


Tracey said...

You look good up there! Sandy could use some of his confidence.

Kathy M said...

;D So are you starting to understand why i LOVE my girl? LOL of course I get some mareitude at times, to go along with all that confidence but she's worth it!

Andrea said...

What a good boy you have! And what a wonderful opportunity the clinic is! As I read I kept thinking, boy I wish I needed another mustang, I'd bid on him! He's handsome too. Keep up the good work!

Krista M said...

You look like you are making great progress! It's amazing how each horse you deal with can have such a different personality, Eh? Sorry...had to throw a little Canadian vibe in there. :P

jtjedi said...

Andrea - The clinic is wonderful. I recomend it to everyone! And yeah, he's great. I might have to adopt him myself!

Krista- EVERY horse is different! Pate was an emotional wreak. Monty is the extreme opposite. I am so happy to have a steady eddie this time, but I am sure he will throw a curve ball in there soon.

Kathy- See ABOVE!

Tracey - Confidence comes with time and LOVE!