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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Day 8..Second day of the clinic

The second day of every Steve Rother clinic is my favorite. It's the day we bring out all the horse eating obstacles! Everything from tarps, umbrellas, barrels and jumps to bridges, cones and the dreaded car wash! We spent the morning practicing our sending and control using these obstacles. It sure is a good way to find the holes in your groundwork. If you are lacking in your body control, it all comes out here! By adding in the aspect of the unknown, trust and respect for the handler becomes critical. I had some difficulty with Monty's shoulder control, backing and sending the day before and we needed to spend some time refining that before we could tackle the scarier objects. But once we dialed in on those things, the obstacles came easier. Monty is not very reactionary, so getting a rise out of him can be a challenge. Especially if you are trying to move his big hairy body in a direction you want to go with any life or speed! LOL

In the afternoon, I saddled him up for the second time. He was a little wary this time, but nothing too exciting. Did I tell you that he was pretty mellow? It was time and he was ready. Up, down, up down! Man, I really need an up-ramp!! Up, down, up, down and I was on. He just stood there! I waited for something exciting, but did not really expect anything. Sigh, ok big guy let's bend and move!

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