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Monday, March 10, 2008

Stuck in Redding, California!

Well, I am stuck. My truck broke down in Redding on my way home. Luckily I have a great network of friends and Mustang folks that came to my rescue. I was able to get the truck to a Dodge dealer and the horse and trailer to a very nice facility called the Broken Arrow Stables. Thanks Gwen and Wade for your hospitality!

The truck needed a new part and it won't be here until Wednesday, so I wait. BUT, that has not stopped progress. I worked with my new Mustang yesterday. What an amazing guy. He's a big bay gelding from the Twin Peaks HMA. He's stout, about 15H with only a few white hairs on his forehead that resemble a star, if you look with a microscope. He has correct conformation with a short back and a nice sloping shoulder. His face is really cute, too! I cant wait to see him under English tack and a braided mane!! LOL

I worked with him for about two hours. He leads, yields his hindquarters and shoulders (both on and off lead) and backs. I can touch him all over and pick up his feet. I have no doubt that if I had my saddle I could tack him up and start leaning on him. I went over to Tractor Supply and bought a few items so I can work with him today. Maybe I will borrow a saddle.

I'll try to blog while I am here, but no guarantees. I have a ton of video and pictures. I'll get those up here too. Wish me luck that I get home safely!


Kathy M said...

LOL Jamie.. you are about to adopt another mustang! ;D Twin Peak mustangs are my favorite, and your guy looks SO much like my Symphony!

Hope you get home safely. Call me if you need anything!

We made Jenna a blog http://miaspony.blogspot.com

Monica said...

Glad to hear you are making use of the unexpected detour.

Twin Peaks... Washington... Hmmm... you could call him Snoqualmie... or are you leaving his naming to his lucky adopter?

Cadista said...

A braided mustang? Do you have pom and plume in your tack? Sounds girly but wild and powerful too. It's sooo you! Since it broke I guess the name "Durango Tango" is out, huh?

jtjedi said...
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jtjedi said...

Monica- His name is chosen, but I will leave it a secret until the big unveiling! :)

Lou- Durango is a very good idea, since the adventure was due to the Durango! Maybe I will have to reconsider!

Kathy- bite your tongue!! My mom already told me to start building another barn for him! I think it would be easier on the trainers if the MHF just sent us a new mustang every year and we sent them a check for $2500! It would certainly be less expensive for us! Many of the Midwest Trainers are starting to fall for their mustangs too! Wonder how many of them will be adopting their horses back?